• “My experience with Ideal Staffing can be summed up as this, working with personable, thoughtful recruiters that value their employees and customers.”Candis. P.
    • “Ideal Staffing Group is an awesome staffing company.  The staffing consultants are very helpful and encouraged me all along the way.  They know what they are doing and how to match companies with the right people and the right people for the position!  I highly recommend them.”  – Eileen M.
    • “I think Ideal Staffing is great compared to other agencies… you always find jobs at the right time compared to other agencies that hardly get back to you… I appreciate everyone at the office and think you guys do a terrific job!”  – Jeff B.
    • “My experience with Ideal Staffing was great.  I was hired directly from the first time I knew about the position.  My staffing consultant was great and very professional through the whole process.  Even on her vacation days, I was able to talk to her about the position and she was always updating me on how things were going between the company and me.”  – Miguel M.
    • “Having utilized different staffing agencies over the years, working with Tina at Ideal Staffing was not only my most enjoyable experience, but provide the best results.  Tina is personable, easy to work with and truly dedicated to finding the perfect placement for her candidates.  Unlike other staffing agencies where I felt more like a number in their database, Ideal Staffing is approachable yet professional.  I recommend Ideal Staffing to anyone seeking assistance with their job search.”  – Leslie W.
    • “I recently relocated to the Boston area. I had an idea of what I wanted to find in an employer and career, but kept striking out. Nothing even came close to meeting my needs. I came across Ideal Staffing Group to help me find the right fit. In my search, I found Tina, and Tina found me the perfect fit! She absolutely nailed it right on the head! She completely exceeded my expectations, and met every single “want” on my list. Tina you rock! You are absolutely brilliant! Thank you for making my move out to Boston one I will always remember!” – Ashley O.
    • “Michael and Tina – Thank you for providing me with a new opportunity. I can’t believe how quickly things worked out!  From the point at which I contacted Ideal Staffing in response to the ad through to my interview(s), and finally – through to my offer was so smooth – it was meant to be!  You both were great to work with – very down to earth and easy to talk to.  Thank you again for your help.” – Angela G.
    • “My experience with Ideal Staffing Group was wonderful. I was unemployed for a very short time when I applied and was placed into a perfect position with a great company in just a matter of weeks. Michael gives 100% attention to ensure his clients and candidates are the right fit for one another and it really shows. Tina is a pleasure to work with and very motivational. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a better opportunity.” –Susan T.
    • “Mike and Nancy, You guys have been truly amazing! I don’t have another word for it. Thank you so much for everything that you have done for me. It was your HUMAN touch that made me believe in you. I wasn’t just another resume, I was a real person. YOU will get all of my referrals, employer or employee FOREVER. Again, thank you!” – Jan H.
    • “I wanted to take the time to extend my heartfelt thanks to all of you for this awesome honor of working with you! From the interview to the placement at the greatest temporary assignment that I could ask for, my experience with Ideal Staffing Group has been nothing short of outstanding! As I head back to college, I will always look back fondly on this past summer where I gained valuable work experience and made wonderful new friends. Thank you so very much to Michael and Ideal Staffing Group for making this possible for me. I will see you all next summer! Mark Twain said “Really great people make you feel that you, too, can become great.”—– Thank you for the feeling!Nakeshia B.
    • “After working with over five staffing agencies, I truly had given up. Yes, I landed two contract assignments that lasted a few months but there was no follow-up and no placement into other assignments when those contracts ended. I was referred to Nancy at Ideal Staffing Group and I am so happy that I was. At the end of our first meeting, she told me, “I am going to get you a job!” And she did inded, very quickly too. To date this is the best job I have had which mirrors my academic background and can truly be the beginning of a career. This was a classic case of when “opportunity meets preparedness”…which spells success. Thank You, Ideal Staffing.”Damita J.
  • “I absolutely love my assignment! Everyone is so friendly and the transition has been a smooth one for me. Thank you Nancy and Michael for helping me find such a perfect fit so quickly. I hope I never have to leave!”K. Johnson