At Ideal Staffing Group, we take the time to get to know you and work with you to identify the right position, prepare you for the interview, and coach you through the process. Our process is highlighted below. Click on purple icon for the description of each process.

  • procee-one
    1. Submit your resume

    The first step is to submit your resume to one of our recruitment consultants. We prefer that you submit your resume online.

    After you submit your resume, one of our recruitment consultants will review it. If your skills and experience qualify you as an Ideal Staffing Group candidate, we’ll give you a call and conduct a short phone screen to learn more about you and the type of position you are interested in.

  • process-two
    2. In Person interview

    A face to face interview is a critical part of our hiring process. Interviews allow us to get to know you, learn more about who you are, as well as your abilities and experience. This is the key in identifying opportunities that are a good fit for you as well as our clients. During the interview, we will also coach you through the interview process and provide you with the tools to put your best foot forward with our clients. Interviews are conducted at our Reading MA location; however, we can often be flexible and accommodate you geographically. For some of our opportunities that do not require testing, interviews may be able to be conducted off site.

  • process-three
    3. Testing

    Many of Ideal Staffing Group’s clients require proficiency in Office applications (e.g. Microsoft Access, Excel, PowerPoint and Word). Part of the process may include Microsoft Office testing, typing tests, or client proprietary software testing.

  • process-four
    4. References

    Also, we ask that all candidates provide at least three references. Our policy is to obtain 2-3 references prior to submitting/filling a position.

  • procee-five
    5. Match

    Throughout the process of understanding what the ideal role is for you, we are able to identify the opportunities that have the environment, structure and corporate culture that is right for you.