Our Process

At Ideal Staffing Group, we put forth the necessary effort to ensure that we are providing our clients with the best talent available. Listening to our clients is the first step toward identifying the right candidate for a specific position. Accurately assessing your specific requirements is essential to finding the right person. We take the time to become familiar with your business, understand your industry and your corporate culture.

At Ideal Staffing Group, we are consistently seeking out candidates that are available for specific roles and positions. Our method depends heavily on our ability to gain quality referrals through our professional relationships, and network extensively within specific groups, both socially and professionally. This allows us to constantly maintain a broad and diverse candidate pool from which to identify exceptional talent, quickly and efficiently.

In order to find the right candidates, we perform an initial screening to ensure that the candidate is up to Ideal standards. We perform a comprehensive, face to face interview followed by any necessary software testing. We then perform three reference checks for each of our candidates.

Once the appropriate candidates have been selected, we work collaboratively with our clients to ensure that each candidate also possesses the soft skills necessary to be a good cultural fit and can perform in the specific environment of a given position.